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Barbara has years of experience of making houses into homes. We don't want to speculate just how many years, but she's lived in too many houses to count. Her father, a house and boat builder, would build custom houses from top to bottom with some help from his daughters (*cough child labor cough*). Whether it be that time she climbed down an elevator shaft, to that other time she laid roofing, to that one time where she electrocuted herself while wallpapering one of my childhood bedrooms. This woman is one hell of a trooper and knows a thing or two about bringing life and love into a home. After working as a Realtor and in city planning she also has a keen sense of the big picture. She also makes all things possible with her uncanny ability to find hidden gems at half the cost and fit it all into her smart car to boot. A Breast Cancer survivor, her daughter may have to do more of the heavy lifting, but she's better than ever. We're also pretty sure she no longer has finger prints thanks to hot glue gunning, if anything, she a BAMF that deserves your respect.

Jessica-Robyn, her daughter, (that's me!) is a novice in every sense of the word. However, over the years in her own collection of many moves, she's managed to picked up a thing or two. A delicate flower, she's relied heavily on her mother's many talents, but is a fast learner with an eye for good style and the determination to see things through. She's also the blogger of this duo, with a love of archiving the experience if for nothing more than prostarity's sake.

The Home. After years of renting, Barbara and Jessica-Robyn are finally in a lovely double-wide mobile home that's completely under their control. Laid out like a small house, Barb found the place by pure chance after her daughter gave the go ahead on their move from Vancouver to Kelowna and she knew it was perfect. Despite, of course the purple carpets, wood paneling, and terrible landscaping. After the past owner moved out, the place remained on the market for months, the neighbors thought it'd never sell. The past owner gave them hell, and was even kind enough to scratch his name in the side of the house before he left and not re-direct any of his mail. Now that it's in the hands of Barb and Jess they are set to give this place some love and change all that negative energy left behind.

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